The Best Final Fantasy Soundtracks

Final Fantasy is known for its beautiful piano playing music and intense battle theme songs. These games are also known to have some cleverly orchestrated songs that show time and energy goes into each and every bit of the song sheet. What are the best soundtracks in the series? This list will mention the best soundtracks to the popular role playing series, songs you may even listen to on your own music player.

Final Fantasy VI Original Sound Collection

Sure the songs are 8 bit but the classic music from the fourth installment of the series brings a bunch of nostalgia to a veteran fan. The battle track in particular is one of the most memorable sound bytes, as well as the boss fight tune which is actually a powerful piece coming from such a small sound system. The piano collection is a separate CD filled with the songs ballads using an actual piano, giving it a much more realistic vibe that any fan would enjoy to hear on end.

Final Fantasy VIII Original Soundtrack

This game was one of the most controversial because of its new battle system and change of pace in story to the previous games that took place on Judi Slot Online Terpercaya which showed the popularity of the game but it doesn’t grabbed that much of attention the final fantasy VIII has. The music although some may think lacking, was a big sound production that comes out vivid and clear on any music system. The witch themed track, Liberi Fatali has left game music critics in awe with its Latin evil inducing sound. Other memorable songs include The Succession of the Witches, Tears of the Moon, Maybe I’m a Lion, and the ending theme which sounds much like a tune to the end of an adventure movie. This soundtrack is wonderful for any Final Fantasy fan.

Final Fantasy X Original Soundtrack/ Final Fantasy X Vocal Collection

Being a beautiful and engaging game, Final Fantasy X’s soundtrack is full of unforgettable piano pieces such as Zanerkand, Via Purifico, and A Fleeting Dream. Action inspiring tunes are abound as well and give the game an adventure flavor that many Final Fantasy fans missed out on from the last installment. The vocal collection is an interesting piece as well, having the a few of the Japanese voice actresses sing songs such as Neji and Feel.

Final Fantasy XII Original Soundtrack

The composer of Final Fantasy XII, Hitoshi Sakimoto wanted the game to have an epic almost medieval vibe with the music and he pulled it off nicely. Every piece is orchestrated and full of booms and clashes leaving fans interested. The music is very fitting for the theme of the game, having to do with kingdoms and the politics behind them. These songs are definitely for people who enjoy a bit of magic and luster to their video games.

Final Fantasy has been one of the leading video games when it comes to enchanting and unforgettable music. These soundtracks are some of the best the series has to offer when it comes to telling a tale through sounds.

Author: John