Sports Betting Tips: The Secret Of How To Bet On Half-Time Lines

Betting on sports can be very exciting and very heart breaking. Betting before the game, you are using your knowledge of the teams and the players to guess an outcome. When it comes down to it, you never really know how players or teams will perform and what you once considered a sure thing can sometimes immediately prove to be wrong and leave you with empty pockets. Many top sports betters will gain an advantage by having some kind of insider information about an injury or some kind of rare stat that gives them an edge. As a casual bettor, this information is not readily available. One way to gain some info about the game you want to bet is to wait until it starts. Yes, I know it sounds wierd but many online sportsbetting sites run half-time lines. Once they hit half-time you can see how each team is performing and then make a little more of an educated guess.

I found that a way to be more successful with betting half-time basketball lines is to know what the line was before the game started. This will give you an idea of how the teams were projected to score. You can use that to compare to how they are actually performing to make a better judgement on the second half. You should check out Agen Bola Euro 2020 for more betting tips. You can implement these tips and win yourself a lot of money.

I will use a couple games I bet on the other night as an example. I was watching the sweet sixteen games and wanted to make some bets. Memphis was favored over Texas A M; by 3 points. It was a bit close and I was not familiar enough with either team to make a bet i felt comfortable with. Once half time rolled around Texas A M; was ahead by 5 points. If you add that with the 3 points memphis was losing by being the favorite that is an 8 point difference. I checked out the halftime line and saw that the bet was even. Meaning that whichever team outscored the other in the second half would win the 2nd half bet. Considering Memphis was supposed to win by 3 and were down by 8 I figured that Memphis should at least put up a little fight in the second half. All Memphis had to do was lose by less than 5 for the bet to be good, which should not be too hard considering they were favored to win by 3. Memphis ended up winning the game by one point and outscoring Texas A M; by 6 in the second half.

Halftime lines on the over/under of total points scored are also easy if you can find occurences like this. If a game before its start has an over/under of something like 200 points and at the half the teams have a combined total of 85 you gain a fair idea that both teams should at least put up a decent run to get closer to the projected outcome.

If you look for instances like these where the halftime scores don’t match up well to what is projected for the end of the game you can gain a huge advantage.


Author: John