Reasons not to Play Online Poker

Have you ever wanted beautiful women?

A nice car? A big house? A vacation in Hawaii?

Well if so, you’ve come to the right place. Online poker will get you everything you’ve ever wanted and more! That is, if you are part of the lucky 10% of online poker players that win more money than they lose. I’m no statistician but I wouldn’t want to gamble away my future on a 10% shot. You should check situs poker online terbaik to learn more about the game of poker. Before you invest your money in the game should be aware of the risks that are involved. You can learn tips that will help you in minimizing the risk of losing your money.

 Online Poker

It started as an innocent hobby for me. My friends showed me how to play poker one summer and I had a lot of fun playing with them. We never played for real money but I seemed to win a lot, so I always wondered what would happen if we raised the stakes. I played my first money game at a barber shop, with a $20 buy-in and walked out of there with $120. Then with my confidence rising, my friend showed me a website where he plays free online poker. I was also winning at a high percentage on that website so I decided to take it to the big leagues and play online poker for real cash.

I made my first real money deposit on a website called absolute poker and jumped into a money table. Within 10 minutes, the money I deposited was completely gone. So you would think the next move would be to just quit while I’m ahead right? That’s what I should’ve done, but instead I wanted to win back what I had lost so I deposited again and then lost it again. This process went on maybe 5 or 6 times until finally it happened. By then I had deposited $300 and my poker stack was about $370. So the next logical move would’ve been to withdraw that money and retire. However, once you see that stack rising, it gives you hopes and dreams. You feel like the sky’s the limit and that you’re earning potential is unlimited. So with that in mind, I kept playing with that money until next thing you know, I was out of money again and now $300 in the hole.

I decided to quit for the day and continue my quest to regain the money that I had lost at a later time. The next day went pretty much the same as the previous day. I had some winning moments in which I didn’t cash out and a lot more losing moments. Days became weeks and weeks became months. I didn’t lose every time I played; in fact I had some pretty big cash outs at times. But when it was all said and done, I ended up about $4000 in the hole.

You probably look at that number and think, how could someone be so stupid? Well 3 years ago I would’ve said the exact same thing until it happened to me. I’ve never been addicted to anything before, until this. Online poker created an addict out of me. I was thinking of poker all the time, in class, at work, at a home in Church, anywhere and everywhere. I skipped out on my friends to play poker; I put aside my studies, and pretty much lived, ate and breathed poker. The feeling I would get when I won big was thrilling. But the feeling I would get when I take those winnings, try to win bigger, and come crashing down to the ground was horrible, believe me.

What they show you on TV or on the computer are happy people with loads of cash. What they don’t show you are the 90% of us who fell into the trap of depositing our money week after week in hopes of winning it big. I was promised money, women, cars, dream vacations and what did I really end up with? Many sleepless nights, high blood pressure, a gambling addiction, and thousands of dollars in credit card debt that to this day I’m still trying to pay off. So this article is my plead to you. If you have started playing online poker, please quit while you’re ahead. And if you’re just thinking about getting started, don’t. Your life will never be the same if you do.

Author: John