How to Effectively Deal with Glitching on Gears of War Online

Gears of War is an amazing game by Microsoft for the Xbox 360, and has great online play. You can compete with gamers from all over the world in ranked matches that keep a running total of haw many points you have earned and even see how you stack up to the rest of the gaming community, or just play for fun in regular player matches. However either way you go you’ll be running into problems with cheaters who use glitches in the game to gain an unfair advantage, but knowing how to deal with these cheaters is going to limit that advantage.

Of course, you can choose other games where it’s easy to handle cheaters. Such as in Domino qq, for example, simply paying attention would help you spot cheaters and win games. But if you love to focus on Gears of War, then you must know how to efficiently handle glitching by other players. Here are few tips to help you:

To beat glitching you first need to realize what type of glitches will be used most often, and there are two. The Crab walk and moving around outside the level are two glitches that have become increasingly popular in the Gears of War community but both are fairly easy to deal with.

First we’ll deal with the Crab Walk because it’s most common. This glitch is instituted when a player performs an action that allows him or her to remain constantly crouched, as if behind cover, and able to run and shoot. The Crab Walk is used most frequently in the Fuel Depot, War Machine and Gridlock, so if you are on a winning team in any of these levels be prepared for your opponents to institute this in order to gain advantage.

The Crab Walk glitch is hard to deal with because the player using this glitch is very fast and hard to keep a lock on, but this can be easily overcome. When a player is Crab Walking they will be forced to use wither the Lance machine gun or the Shotgun, and since they are constantly moving they will more often then not be in close quarter conflicts. In these cases pull out the Lance’s Chainsaw bayonet. This will grab them when they are close and pull them into a definitive kill. The Crab Walk, in many ways actually makes an opponent easier to kill when using the chainsaw because they need to be close to take you out. Just stay clam and rev the chainsaw at the right time and you’ll be more then ready to deal with this glitch.

The second kind of glitch used often is when a player is able to move outside the game map and reach otherwise unreachable places. This glitch is mostly used in the Fuel Depot and Bullet Marsh, so be on the lookout. The best way of dealing with this glitch is to kill the person performing this action before they have a chance to instigate it, but of course that easier said then done. Otherwise try and grab any kind of explosive weapon and/or the Sniper Rifle. The Grenades, Boom shot and Torque Bow are all good choices for dealing with this glitch.

Find the spot where the glitch has been used (usually around a fence) and look out for the person who is outside the map. Then use your weapon to kill the player by hitting them with fragmentation grenades. This may sometimes be impossible if the glitching player has moved out of range of grenades, and that’s when the Sniper Rifle will come in handy.

Of course after a game has completed of whenever you get a chance report the player who initiated the glitch. Use the Xbox live feedback system to select “Tampering with the Game” which includes using in game glitches to gain and unfair advantage, but knowing these simple tricks to take out cheating players will tear down that advantage and put things back onto a somewhat even playing field. Just remember to stay calm and stick it out, because usually after killing a player who is glitching a couple of times will make them leave the game because their cheating ways are not working to their advantage, and they wont so long as you keep these tips and tricks handy.

Author: John