Choosing A Casino Affiliate Program To Promote

So here you are at the point where you have decided to proceed and enter one of the World’s most exciting industries…Gambling Affiliate Marketing. You have researched many casino affiliate program options and still cannot decide which one to go with. Finding the right one for you could depend on many factors.

Officially Approved Casinos with ECOGRA:

The primary objective of Ecogra is to provide player protection, ensuring the player that the games are fair, will be paid on time and treated fairly and that the operators will behave responsibly. Players will be assured of this when they transact with online gaming sites displaying the Ecogra Seal of Approval.


If you are familiar with a certain marketing method (opt-in e-mail) for example, then you may want to find out what options you have to initiate this into your marketing plan. If you intend to promote through simple banners on your web site then you will need to ensure that the banners provided in the affiliate program are professional and eye catching? Do they have a good selection, including monthly promotional banners? Maybe you intend to promote the gaming software directly from a casino portal web site with a smart-download link or to distribute the software via CD’s. You will need to ensure these options are available to you.

Personal Choice:

Maybe you are, or have been a player at an online casino and enjoyed the experience so much you wish to promote them as an affiliate.


Does a brand name mean everything to you? Would you promote an online casino that pays 45% commission or the Worlds No1 Casino that pays 25%?


Do you like the look and feel of the online casino you would like to promote? Does it look professional, do the pages and software download quickly, do they provide clear bonus incentives for players, offer multi-lingual options and links to live support, fair play history, monthly promotions, game preview pages, etc? If you find appearance to be the most important factor in choose a platform then perhaps checking out Interwin88 to learn about all the latest trends is a great way to start your affiliate venture.


What type of bonus incentives could your casino offer new players? This is the hook for the gambler and these incentives must be right up there with the competition for you to be successful. These bonuses normally come in a percentage deposit such as matching bonus deposits. Others may be a tiered dollar bonus.

Incentives for regular players are also very important. In most affiliate programs your players are yours for life so you need the casino to look after the player. In most cases the casino will e-mail your player weekly or monthly with the new bonuses offered for players who are already registered to encourage them to play again.

Geographic Location:

Maybe you have interest in promoting to geographic regions of the World. If this is the case then you need to ensure that the casino brand accepts players from that country. Not all brands are the same. Just like the USA market. Some brands are US friendly and some are not. Check this out before you join.


Your players will be tracked more often than not through cookies that identify your link and recognize the player as the one you referred. If the player downloads the software and does not play until a later date then will you still receive commissions when he does decide to play? If you check the terms and conditions of the affiliate programs some will inform you of the life of the cookie that track your players. Most casino affiliate programs seem to set this at a 30-day period though there are some affiliate programs that have stretched this to 90-days which is much better.

Commission Structure:

When you sign-up with an affiliate program you are normally given an option of the type of commissions you wish to receive. This could be a per click commission where you would be paid an amount from every player that clicks through to the casino.

Another option may be a CPA bonus commission. When the player registers and deposits $100 you receive a $50.00 commission but you do not get any more commission from that player.

The most attractive option and one that most casino affiliates take advantage of is the net gameplay commission. This option normally ranges from 25 – 50.00% of the net gameplay. The net gameplay is the profits received from the player. Here’s an example based on a commission of 45%.

If a player gambles $100.00 and loses you would receive $45.00. This type of commission can really mount up especially when you have regular players and new players coming along on a regular basis. Even if your player wins big the odds are he will give it all back to the casino in time. Winning gives a false sense of security, and due to the nature of gambling, the player may gamble more to win more.

These are important decisions to take into consideration when choosing the right casino affiliate program for you and the correct commission structure. Your success could depend on this choice so it is worth spending a little time doing some research into this to avoid any problems and unnecessary expenses further down the line.

Author: John