Becoming A Poker Prop Player

How I made over $5000 a month, as a breakeven poker player

Almost sounds too good to be true right? Well it is and it isn’t.

Several years ago I worked as an online poker prop player (something which I was never allowed to reveal at the point of being employed). I used to get paid to play poker, by the poker rooms.

However, before you think this sounds too good to be true, there were a few drawbacks to this would be playboy life.

The first issue was that I, well, wasn’t that great at poker, and only just managed to break even at first, which caused constant bankroll swings. The second issue was the fact that I loved to play above my roll (such a newbie) because I’d ‘get paid’ at the end of the week, so shot taking was ok, surely?

The next very real issue was the fact that I had rules to follow — lots of rules — and my oasis of freedom quickly became a regular job, only now I didn’t have any work friends, just the same avatars that I’d see day in, day out.

Although before I turn you off the idea, the smile was always bought back to my face when I finished playing (up or down for the day) and I’d step out of my bungalow in Koh Samui (Thailand) and out into the sun shine.

For all of the downsides to being an online poker prop player on daftar situs judi slot online terpercaya and other sites, there was a real upside. I got paid thousands a month, and because I was living in Thailand, $5000 a month meant that I could indeed live like a king.

Before you go thinking this was ‘easy money’ though, let me tell you that I busted my ass for between 85 -125% in prop rakeback. I had to play really short handed, often played multiple heads up games, played over four separate sites as traffic was so low (hence why they hired props in the first place) and although I used to grind 8 tables most days, sometimes it could take several hours of straight play just to fill them all up, so then you feel compelled to stay, even though you’re tired from sitting for four hours straight already, I’d often sit there for another four.

How To Get A Job As A Poker Prop Player

What is a Poker Prop Player?

If you want to know more about how I managed this feat as a less than mediocre poker player (at the time, I’m pleased to say that I’m much better now), then keep reading and I will share all.A poker prop player is someone who gets paid by the casino to play poker and get games going. They serve to either start new games for ‘the customers’ to play at or keep the action going in games that look like they are about to break up.

Why do poker rooms need prop players or poker props?

Online, you’ll generally find that its the newer, less established poker rooms that get poker props in and the main reason is because no one will join a poker site where there are no players playing.

It’s a bit of a catch 22 if you think about it. Casino A has flash software, great bonuses and all the tricks. they open their doors for the punters to come flooding in and find that no one is choosing their site over the much more established poker sites out there.

So they offer nice sums of money, normally in the way of huge rakeback (between 75% – 125% rakeback), to people that are willing to get things going and are happy to play many tables and short handed.

What are the up sides to being an online poker prop?

The main benefit to being a prop player is that even if you’re a breakeven player, you can still make thousands of dollars, every month even at very low stakes games.

If you’ve been learning the game and are really wanting to build a solid bankroll then becoming an online prop can be a sure fire way to go. A lot of the poker rooms that hire props, generally pay you every week, some even pay you daily.

What are the downsides to being a poker prop player?

There are two catches – sites that hire props are almost always newer or smaller rooms with minimal traffic. Your job is to start and save games, which often involves playing shorthanded. If you feel comfortable playing in those conditions, being an online prop is a great way to add a few bets to your expectation.

Where do I go to get a job as a poker prop?

If you’d rather play at larger rooms, you’ll probably be interested in our rakeback offers – lower percentages but no restrictions and greater game selection.The best site online to become a poker prop player has to be these guys at Rake Back Nation . The guy that runs the site is called Rob and has to be one of the nicest bosses you’re ever likely to find. He runs a forum specifically for the props in his team and if there is ever a problem, he’s the first person on the case.

They don’t advertise the names of sites that they have prop deals for as the poker rooms don’t want this info to be public knowledge. Instead Rob will inform you of who’s hiring, after you sign up and request a place.

How much can you really earn as a poker prop player?

This is a question that gets asked all the time and the truth is, it depends on the style you play (TAG or LAG), which games you play (full ring or 6 max), how many tables you play, the list goes on.

But because the guys at rakeback nation have been asked so many times, they have created a fantastic, projected earnings calculator for their prop sites.

Simply select the stakes, game type and amount of table that you expect to play and the calculator will give you what you should roughly expect to earn as an online poker prop.


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If you’re a serious player that really wants to take a serious shot at playing poker for a living or having a solid, second income then you should think about becoming a poker prop player today.

Author: John