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My Favorite Casinos On The Mississippi Gulf Coast

I am a native of the Mississippi Gulf Coast and was just getting out of high school when the first casinos opened down here. Since then, Katrina has relocated several of them and the economy put a couple more out of business, but our tourism industry still thrives due in large part to our wide variety of casino offerings. Rather than run down every single casino on the coast, I am going to mention several of my personal favorites and why I like going there. I was always skilled at playing suits roulette online and I never had a hard time trying my hand at it. 

My favorite casino in Biloxi is the Boomtown simply because I have had the best luck there. Of all the casinos on the coast, I have won more often while playing slot machines there than anywhere else. In case you are wondering, I like to play the Double Diamond or Triple Diamond machines. Boomtown also has one of the best buffets, plus they have an amazing steak restaurant. I also like that they have an open parking lot instead of a garage, so it’s easy and quick to get in and out of there. You can find out more about the Boomtown at

If you are going to a casino strictly to eat, I think the buffet at the Island View in Gulfport is the best. Because it is close to my work, I eat there at least once or twice a month. They have the biggest shrimp I’ve seen on any casino buffet, plus they have a huge variety of dishes ranging from flank steak to pastas and even pizza. They also have a killer dessert area, andI always get some of the bread pudding. The Island View has open parking as well as a garage. You can find out more about the Island View at

Another favorite of mine is the IP Casino in Biloxi. It’s right next door to the Boomtown and they have some of best promotions available, plus their entertainment schedule boasts an impressive number of musicians and comedians. The IP Casino has a decent buffet, but the real treat there is an Asian fusion place called Tien that features hibachi, sushi, and much more. It’s pricey, but very good. At one time, the IP also had a movie theater upstairs, but it went away a few years ago. Unfortunately, none of the casinos down here have any more family-friendly stuff to do besides eat. You can find out more about the IP at

The Hard Rock Casino in Biloxi is also a fun place to visit because it has a lot of things to do besides just gamble. They features a Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse for those folks who can afford to spend a couple hundred bucks on some steaks, plus there is a the Hard Rock Café and a few other restaurants to enjoy. Their casino buffet is pretty average, but it does feature steak. The Hard Rock also has several clubs and plenty of well known musical acts come to play there, so there are many reasons to visit. You can also take the time to walk around the inside and look at all the guitars and music memorabilia they have collected. You can find out more at

There are plenty more casinos along the Mississippi gulf coast, but the Boomtown, Island View, IP, and Hard Rock are my personal favorites. The Beau Rivage is also another good one for being much nicer inside than the others, but I have had such poor luck on their slot machines that I quit going back.


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All about Excalibur Hotel and Casino in brief!

Las Vegas, Nevada otherwise known as home to the famous “Sin City” has many attractions and entertainment. A place that has been a tourist attraction for many many years, offers a variety of things to do for peopple of all ages and all walks of life. The Las Vegas Blvd, also known as the Las Vegas Strip is the most popular street in all of Las Vegas, Nevada. The Strip is also home to the Excalibur Hotel and Casino.

The Excalibur Hotel and Casino is a great place that offers endless fun and entertainment. It is a great hotel and casion to plan as your vacation spot especially if you have children. Unlike any other hotel on the strip the Excalibur hotel offers something for the whole family. I have spent my summers at the Excalibur Hotel since I was a kid and now it is a place where I take my children.

Hotel Accomodations

The Excalibur Hotel and Casino is located at the top of the strip right next to the Luxor Hotel. The Excalibur Hotel is a large castle and its theme is mideval times. The Excalibur Hotel has two towers to accomidate its guest with 2,000 newly remodeld rooms that include 50″ plasma screen t.v’s and contemporary furnishings. Pricing for the Excalibur Hotel can range widely from $31 a night to $231 on special engagements and holildays.

Entertainment and Dining

The Excalibur Hotel and Casino offers a wide variety of entertainment and dining. There are 2 lounges at Excalibur that offer a cozy place to sit relax and enjoy a drink or get your dance on. Minstrel’s Lounge and Excalibur Lounge. One is located upstairs across from the round table buffet and the other just off the casino floor near tower I. Excalibur’s casino covers gaming at every end, from slot machines to table games to the sporting book all of your gambling needs will be met. There is a pool area, which has been renovated about 3 times since I was young. It now offers fire pits, a sun deck, 3 pools, a relaxation pool and poolside cabanas. One pool offers 2 beautiful waterfalls and 2 waterslides. The cabanas are available for adults 18 and over and for a rental rate. Cabanas offer plasma screen tv’s in them as well as refrigerator. Pool is open from 8am to 8pm. The excalibur also offers a state of the art fitness center as well as a day spa. The home to the strips largest arcade, the Excalibur Hotel and Casino has endless games for kids plus the famous spongebob bikini bottom magic motion rides; a simulated roller coaster in 3D.

The Excalibur Hotel and Casino has a large variety to choose from when it comes to dining, to choose according to the hospitality of, which provides the similar experience of gambling with their slot machines. The village food court includes Mc Donalds, Pizza Hut, Quiznos Subs, Krispie Kreme, and a Cold Stone Creamery open 24 hours. Other places to dine at Excalibur include the Round Table Buffet, which has a vast variety of food from all cultures, the Manchu Wok a chinese bistro, Regal Risturante Itialiano, Sherwood Forest Cafe, Camelots steak house, and if your up for a raunchy good time Dick’s Last Resort.

The Excalibur Hotel and Casino offers a small avenue of shopping in a walk way leading out to the Luxor Hotel. Stores carrying all things from postcards and gifts to clothing and shoes. They also have a beautiful wedding chapel with reasonable wedding packages. There are two different chapels depending on the size of the wedding and Banquet rooms for receptions.

Weather it’s your first time out to Las Vegas, Nevada or you are a Vegas pro, I recommend the Excalibur Hotel and Casino totally give it 5 stars!

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Seeing How Poker Resembles Life In Many Ways

I know poker is just a game and you can fold up the cards and go home any time you’re ready, but it is fascinating how this game resembles life and every day struggles we all seem to have. There are many ways which poker shares with real life. I know in the short term in both poker and life, luck plays a big factor. In the long term, however, luck is not a factor in either one and seems to somehow even out. You get an unbelievable bad run of luck just to have an unbelievable good run of luck come right around the corner. When you’re in the middle of a bad run, you swear there has never been anything like it before and you are in a state of disbelief. It seems like when you’re in the middle of a good run this is the way it should be and maybe somehow you deserve the luck that is coming your way. Maybe you’re smarter or just a little more deserving than your opponents.

In life, we seem to do the same thing. When things are going well, we somehow take it for granted that this is the norm and this is the way it is supposed to be. When the bad times come and they will, you just can’t believe it and feel maybe you’re being punished for some wrong doings. You feel like god has his thumb on you and won’t let you up. These bad runs finally go away and you’re blowing and going again, somehow forgetting how ugly the bad streak was. This cycle goes over and over.

It’s funny how the true personality of a person comes out in a poker game. If they are conservative and a little afraid of the future, they will most likely play cards like that. They probably won’t risk much on anything but the best of hands. They are what poker players call tight and they are very exploitable by the bluff. There is always a doubt in their minds that maybe their hands just isn’t quite good enough to win and good poker players can exploit this doubt. You run across this type of person every day.

The aggressive or maniac player is usually loud and needs to be the center of attention. They usually jump in a situation before really thinking it through. This is the way they play poker. They are very exploitable by letting them have the lead and simply allowing them to hang themselves. Patience and calmness need to be used when battling such an opponent. This is true in poker as well as life.

The most difficult player to play is the player who can change his or her game as the situation dictates. This type of player is usually quiet and observant of everything at the table. He gives his brain all the information possible to make the correct decision. He adjusts his play according to the situation. He knows the math and this gives him the confidence to make the correct decision even if he loses. These players are the most successful in poker and in life. They gather all the facts, make a thorough analysis of the information, arrive at a decision and implement the action this decision calls for, and finally disconnecting emotionally from the outcome.

People who can read the personality or psyche of another person and make a decision based on this read are always the best poker players. Many are just average card players, but this one ability makes them great. The same thing applys in life.

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Texas Hold’Em Strategy: How To Play Pocket Jacks

Texas Hold’em is a game that is very basic in appearance. To the outsider, it seems fairly simple. Look at your two face cards, look at the cards dealt, and bet. The game is, however, much more complicated than that. It is a strategy and knowledge of the game that allows people to make a living playing. If it were simply a card game luck would be more of a factor.

We shall take a look at a hand and situation that may arise in your game. For example, say you are dealt with two jacks, or as they are called, the hooks. This is quite possibly the hardest hand to play correctly. For the sake of this article, you are currently seated on the button in a six-person game. The person first to act folds, the next one calls, then another fold and the action is to you. We will start with the first person to act, the caller. He could have a variety of hands all the way from a small pocket pair to a monster like KK that he wants to trap someone with. With the first option, a weak hand, you would want to raise here and force them to pay more to see the flop. If you raise here and any of the remaining players reraise you, then you have a tough decision to make. If you just call you will have very little information as to what your opponents have and will be letting them all see a cheaper flop. So you decide to raise.

Since all the players might not be available all the time, in such cases, you can paly Poker online. This way you get to improve your gameplay as you enjoy a round of pocket jacks with online players. You have the option to play for free and if you are a pro in the game then you can even earn some money with online tournaments and matches as well.

The small blindfold, the big blind calls and so does the initial caller. Now what? The flop comes 5 9 Q two hearts and a club. The big blind checks and the initial caller bets. The amounts of all the bets have been omitted to simplify this example. We will explore that in other examples. The action is now on you. Since you have two opponents and one has currently bet, your decision is crucial. You need to try and put your opponent on a hand before you proceed. As we said before he could have a variety of hands from a small pocket pair all the way to a monster he is slowplaying. Off the bat, we will rule out a monster hand because it is likely that he would have reraised you preflop to get more money into the pot once you showed strength. That is good and bad news. Here is why. Obviously it is good news because he probably does not have a hand like KK or AA and bad news because he may have flopped a set or if he is playing a medium-range hand like KQ and he has top pair with an excellent kicker. Either way, it is trouble. Calling a bet will only put more money into the pot and it is just delaying your decision. It is a clear raise or folds situation. So you decide to fold.

This is not a bad play. The big blindfolds and the bettor shows his hand. He is holding QJ which is in the range we decided and has you dominated. Not only does he have an overpair he also has one of your outs and you would be drawing nearly dead. This was an example of how playing jacks can be a very difficult task. Perhaps the only way to avoid this is to raise more preflop. That way if someone plays back at you then you can make a crucial decision earlier.

It is decisions like these that make Texas Hold’em one of the most complex and exciting games to play. It is not at all cut and dry and no two situations are the same. There is a lot to take into account when playing each hand. Hopefully, this example was able to give you an opportunity to look at a hand from a different perspective.

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Throw A Curious George Birthday Party

Boys and girls from age 1-6 love that silly, colorful, and ever so inquisitive Curious George. For this reason, Curious George birthday parties are a big hit year after year. Creating a Curious George birthday party is quite simple to pull off without spending a lot of money or time. Here, you will find ways to decorate, create Curious George cupcakes, and some good Curious George themed games to make the most of your Curious George birthday party bash. It is like throwing a casino night party. Over the years, casino night has become one of the premier events. So if you want to have a curious George birthday party, it is definitely a good idea.

Curious George Birthday Party Decorations

Curious George is most often associated with bright primary colors: yellow, blue, red, and green in particular. Purchasing streamers and balloons in these common colors is often less expensive than buying all decorations that have the Curious George logo on them. To stick with the Curious George birthday party theme, however, you might want a few items that have that cute little monkey’s face on it. Fortunately, party supply stores almost always have ample supply of everything from inexpensive table cloths, to party favors, invitations, and decorations of all kinds. Just a few inexpensive touches that have Curious George on them is plenty for guests to realize that they are attending a Curious George birthday party.

Curious George Birthday Party Invitations

If you decide not to purchase Curious George birthday party invitations, you can easily make them from home. Simply visit the Curious George site on and print out invitations there. Another great resource for printing more generic monkey invitations is You can create invitations as simple as printing them out on cardstock or as complicated as printing them on stickers to transfer onto a magnet. Either way, your Curious George birthday party invitations are going to be a hit.

Curious George Birthday Party Games

Before guests arrive, blow up balloons, particularly ones that are yellow, blue, red, and green. Cover the entire floor with the balloons so that guests walk in to a balloon-filled home. Even the youngest children will keep coming back to play with the balloons throughout the Curious George brithday party. Be watchful around small children and balloons, however, as they become a choking hazard if they pop.

For older kids, buy packages of large marshmallows and provide toothpicks. For a Curious George birthday party game that will keep them occupied for quite some time, have the kids create a bridge using the supplies, just like Curious George did in the episode A Bridge to Farm. Have children see how long they can make the bridge, or have them build towers or people using supplies. Older children will also enjoy going outside and gathering up leaves and sticks they find and examine them once inside, like Curious George did in the episode All New Hundley. More games related to episodes of Curious George can be found at this site.

Enlarge and print out a picture of Curious George to use as a “pin the tail on the donkey” type of Curious George birthday party game. Use yellow construction paper to cut out The Man In the Yellow Hat’s hat, or cut out circles and hang yarn from them to look like balloons. Create one for each child, and on the back of each place tape that will stick to the picture of Curious George. Blindfold the child and see who can get closest to George’s head (if you’re using a yellow hat) or his hands (if you’re using balloons).

Another simple form of entertainment is to put on the Curious George Movie or play Curious George shows. Both of these can be rented if you don’t already own them, and are a great way to have a calm-down time during your child’s Curious George birthday party.

Curious George Birthday Party Food

Serve bananas or banana chips, since Curious George is, after all, a monkey. As a matter of fact, anything banana shaped or brightly colored will serve as excellent Curious George birthday party food. Jello Jigglers cut into balloons or banana shapes, sandwiches cut into circles, squares, etc. will all do the trick. For drinks, red punch will suffice, especially since it goes along with the Curious George birthday party color theme. Burgers, pizza, and chips are always great party standbys as well.

Simple Cupcakes for your Curious George Birthday Party

When I put together my son’s Curious George birthday party, I perused the internet for easy, but cute Curious George cupcakes. I found this site and decided that I could do mine even better, even cuter, and even simpler. So, I started with chocolate cake mix and made individual cupcakes. Once they were cooled, I coated them with brown frosting. Then, I used a Nilla wafer and pushed it in slightly underneath the frosting, but above the cupcake to create the appearance of a nose. I used M Ms; for the eyes and black icing gel to create eyeballs looking in all directions. I used the same black icing gel to create two small dots on the top of the wafer to give a nostril effect. Using red icing gel, I made different mouth expressions to finish off my Curious George cupcakes. I didn’t bother creating ears, because I couldn’t get the wafers to break in half easily, and they turned out great just the same. The best part was that if I messed up on the mouth or any part of the Curious George cupcake face, I could easily take the wafer or the M M; out and try again without having to spend a ton of extra time fixing it. The monkey cupcakes were a big hit for our Curious George birthday party.

If you need more ideas, is a wonderful resource for decorations, games, invitations and more. When putting together a Curious George birthday party, remember that the children attending are likely going to be fairly young. Don’t worry about making every little aspect perfect, because chances are, it will be destroyed or overlooked before the day is done. Enjoy, and have fun at your child’s Curious George birthday party!

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3 Fun Activities for a ‘Tween/Teen Party or Sleep Over

Looking for some fun and unique activities to do at your young teen or ‘tween’s birthday party? Try these three activities and your party guests will have fun all evening! Obviously, a party such as this one cannot have the fun features of a casino night Denver but these ideas will make it just as much fun. 

Night Shirt

Sleep overs are fun with blankets and pillows spread over the floor. Have each guest design their own t-shirt they can sleep in now and wear later. It’s a project and party favor in one. Our local t-shirt warehouse store sells them for 4 for $10. Guests may bring some leaves with them or the group could go on a short walk around to find some interesting leaves and plant clippings. The leaves are then laid down on the front of the shirt. Various colors of water-paint mixture are misted over the shirts. When the leaf is lifted away, the shirt has a coloful spritzed design, but is still white under the leaf. Letters could also be used to spell a guest’s first name. The shirts are then left to dry or thrown inside out in the dryer for 15 minutes and can be worn immediately.

Materials Needed

one plain white t-shirt for each guest

several spray bottles filled with two tablespoons fabric, acrylic, or tempera paint per 2 cups of water, shake to mix-or 3 cups of strong tea, coffee, or beet juice

fern leaves, card board cut out shapes or other

Henna and Temporary Tattoo Station

I found a kit for henna tattoos and several packets of various temporary tattoos at my local beauty supply store. My daughter was a t’ween when she asked for another sleep over. I knew they couldn’t watch t.v. all night, so I thought they might have fun decorating each other with pretty butterfly and flower designs. This turned out to be the hit of the party. I was shocked when they were kept busy and calm for hours decorating and being decorated with colorful mini works of art.

I let the parents of our guests know that they will have the opportunity to apply temporary or henna tattoos in case they had any allergies.

Cup Cake Decorating

It was about 2 hours before the party when I realized I had forgotten to order a cake. I don’t know how it happened but it did! I did not panic, but scoured my pantry instead. There I found a cake mix and was able to bake off a couple of dozen cupcakes. I set the cooled cupcakes out on the table with several different tubs of frosting, plastic knives, plates, opened a few bags of small candies, and various sprinkles. The kids talked, laughed, ate, and had a incredible time creating their own wonderfully decorated individual ‘cakes.’

The party with the t-shirts, tattoos, and cup cakes was the talk of neighborhood. Years later, I ran into one of the guests and who was still wearing the t-shirt she made. She told me that was the best sleep over she ever went to!

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5 Ways to Fix the NCAA Tournament

As I sit here watching the Sunday games of the NCAA tournament and i reflect on the first five days of this years tournament i can’t help but wonder how much better this tournament would be if the NCAA fixed a few of the flaws this event has. I’ve been a College Basketball fan since about the age of 12, Go Tarheels!, and i have always enjoyed March Madness the way the NCAA has presented it. Who doesn’t love no-name kids from the smallest colleges around hitting end of the game buzzer beaters to upend big name schools in a tournament designed for big name schools to win, anyone have a clue where Bryce Drew is these days?. Outside of a couple rivalry games in February and a few beginning of the season tournaments, the regular season has become increasingly meaningless. Why does the Conference champion have to prove itself again in a conference tournament?. This is one of 5 areas of the tournament that i will give my opinions on how to fix.

  1. Make the regular season mean something by at least giving the conference champion an automatic bid.

I have never understood why the champion has to prove themselves twice!!. If the best team in a lower tier conference has an overall record of 26-5, a 13-1 conference record and then gets beat in the championship game of their conference tournament that team no longer has a shot at an at-large selection because 14-18 University got hot for four or five days. This is not selecting the best 68 teams to participate in the tournament like the committee likes to tell us. What the NCAA should do is award the regular season champion with an automatic bid to the tournament and if another team proceeds to win the conference tournament, then that team may be a possible at-large selection. Thus we are insured the beat team from that conference gets to play in the big tournament and the team that gets hot can sit and wait if the committee deems them tournament worthy. With this process the regular season would mean something and we would actually get the best 68 teams in the field.

  1. Make the final 8 “bubble” teams play each other for the right to get into the field of 64.

Another process i have never understood since the NCAA expanded to 65 and now 68 teams. Why does a team who proved itself by winning their conference tournament now be relegated to play in the “play-in” game?. Bubble teams are called bubble teams because they have not done enough in the regular season to be considered a definite at large selection. The NCAA should take a page out of the ESPN created Bracket Buster weekend ( created for smaller schools to add a signature win to their resume) and now make the final 8 bubble teams play each other to which the winners of these games are added as the final 4 teams in the field, more on this one below. This seems like the biggest no-brainer of all the quirks with this tournament.

  1. Create intriguing storyline matchups purposely.

I have heard many an expert say the committee pays no attention to possible storylines for matchups, why is that? wouldn’t it make sense to add even more of a reason to give people to watch your event? Not that everyone would care about every possible storyline the committee could create but wouldn’t it be nice if Steve Lavin of past UCLA coaching fame could now take his St. Johns team into the tournament and possibly face UCLA in a 7-10 first round match or give these teams an even bigger incentive to win their first round game with a possible second round matchup? There are a plethora of opportunities for this including..

  1. Get rid of the rule that same conference teams cannot meet until the second round.

Who’s terrible idea is this? Lets say in a down year ( i know it doesnt happen much for either team) that Duke and North Carolina have midlevel seasons by their standards, why wouldn’t the NCAA match them up in an 8-9 first round matchup for even more intrigue!!. UCONN vs Syracuse to go to move on to the 2nd round? or how about Tom Izzo vs Thad Matta to advance out of the first round? possibilities are endless and this would go with #3 of creating intriguing storylines/matchups/rivalries…and finally

  1. Retool the whole bracket to eliminate the 1 vs 16 and 2 vs 15 matchups.

Yeah a 15 seed has won four times in this format, but not since 2001 and a 16 seed has never won against a number 1 seed, with only a small handful of those games that could be considered competitive. Give the #1 seeds a bye into the round of 32 automatically and play the remaining 64 teams first. This way we can eliminate the never competitive, always boring after 3 minutes of play 1 vs 16 matchup. To make this work they could still take the final 8 bubble teams and pit them against each other in an opening round format with the winners becoming part of the 60 field, minus the four #1 seeds. The winning bubble teams become the 16 or 15 seeds, and i believe this would make the games more competitive and more enjoyable for all to watch.

Would these 5 changes work? maybe, maybe not, but i think anything besides what we have now could make the tournament as a whole more enjoyable for the college basketball loving fan in all of us.

Just try out these new changes for a change and I am sure things will change for the better as long as you do so regularly with occasional visites to 토토사이트 to warm things up a bit with your buddies will make practice sessions far more enjoyable and entertaining.

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King Arthur: The Role-Playing Wargame: A Genre All of Its Own

King Arthur: The Role-playing Wargame by Hungarian developers Neocore Games is a real-time strategy game with elements of role-playing thrown into the mix. It breaks down like this: You control King Arthur, who doesn’t really do anything in the game other then be acknowledged, who then controls a Round Table of knights that act as his generals. The knight generals then proceed to move around the map to your liking and either kill or save whatever they come into contact with.

Without bringing into question the seemingly limited choice-capacity of the knights, it’s important to see the big picture first. The game play itself is really unique and is probably the selling point of the game. Instead of leveling up just one character as in a traditional role-playing game, this element is expanded across the entire game. At first, you are leveling up a single knight who has 5 different statistics, 3 of which have any value, and stacking his limited inventory with phat lewt. Then his units need attention, increasing either attack, armor, stamina or a useless upkeep stat. Spells must be leveled up as well, but there are only a few effective ways to level up a certain class of knight, be it Commander, Champion, or Sage. One must really make it routine because there are just too many level-ups occurring to effectively manage what is going on. In addition to units, Strongholds finish researching various upgrades after every Winter, and there is a technology tree of upgrades thrown in just in case that wasn’t enough.

With so much going on inside the game, it’s easy to get sucked into the world Neocore Games created and forget about what is going on around you. A perfect escape mechanism for those looking for a break from real life. But, just as every cloud has a silver lining, everything that shines ain’t always gonna be gold. There are some serious balance and game play flow problems with this role-playing strategy half-breed. Archers are ridiculously overpowered (This prompted a ‘weaker archers’ check box) when given some decent support. As a result, the rock, paper, scissors style of balance is thrown completely out the window. Infantry are situational at best, fodder at worst and after awhile the Knights of the Round Table seem to be the deciding factor of every battle. These battle or engagement scenarios occur when a Knight is prompted to fight another army. Immediately you are thrown into a completely different game type which is basically the real-time strategy component of the game.

There are a lot of different intricacies I could point out, and interesting aspects of the game to focus on, but these things are best experienced rather then read about. If you like the Arthurian legends, appreciate a role-playing element, and want a challenging strategy game, this game is for you. If thinking and video games never really went together for you, then I would suggest moving on as King Arthur: The Role-playing Wargame is simply too demanding to be played casually without much time investment. The playing of the games should be verified under the website 먹튀사이. It will increase the chances of winning from the game.

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As Stars Fade, They Can Still Shine And Glow

This past baseball off-season, Derek Jeter engaged in contract talks with the New York Yankees on what could be the final contract he signs in his career. Ever the polite and classy professional, Jeter never returned volley on the negative publicity dished out by his General Manager Brian Cashman and co-owner of the Yankees Hank Steinbrenner. Eventually, Jeter did express his displeasure during the press conference announcing the re-signing of their captain. One thing is certain, one day Jeter will hang up his cleats, but will he do so after moving out of his position as Yankees’ shortstop. How will the end of this successful era end? A quick look at other aging New York athletes will give a few clues.

In 1992, the New York Rangers acquired the captain of the Edmonton Oilers Mark Messier. Messier, a five time Stanley Cup champion, was to be the perfect man to win the Rangers their first Stanley Cup in 52 years. Messier would lead the Rangers to the best record in hockey and win the Hart Trophy as the league’s MVP, but would not win the Stanley Cup. The following year, the team finished in last place and Messier took a lot of criticism. In May of 1994, he declared his team would win a key game facing elimination, and delivered a hat trick that would win the game and make him immortal in New York sports. A month later, he scored the goal that won the Rangers the Stanley Cup, but after three more successful years, Messier left New York as a free agent. During his negotiation, MSG President Dave Checketts proclaimed, “How long do I have to pay for the 94 cup?” Messier would return to a video tribute from the Rangers and a hero’s welcome from the fans in November of 97, but would don a Ranger uniform again in 2000 after three years in Vancouver. This time would not be as successful. The Rangers would not make the playoffs in Messier’s final four seasons and the highlights were personal highlights for Messier as he’d pass Gordie Howe to leave only Wayne Gretzky ahead of him in points. The decision of when to step aside was left to Messier, not by General Manager/Coach Glen Sather, as fans eagerly tried to nudge him into coaching. Messier wasn’t the player once was and never topped 43 points in his final three seasons in New York.

No one could argue that the acquisition of Mike Piazza in 1998 from the Florida Marlins was the most important for the New York Mets since 1983. It’s likely on the short list of best acquisitions in the organizations history. Piazza would lead the Mets to the playoff twice in 1999 and 2000, having MVP-type seasons in both. In 99, his .303, 40 HR’s and then team record 124 RBI’s was among the best statistical season in Mets history. In 2000, he finished third in the MVP voting with his .324, 38 HR’s and 113 RBI’s. Piazza was the superstar the Mets lacked since Darryl Strawberry. His presence in the Mets lineup was critical as their lone big bat, but in 2003 he began his decline, aided by wear and tear due to catching and tearing his groin dodging a pitch. In 2004, the Mets tried him at first base as well as catching, but the experiment was a failure as Piazza couldn’t adjust to the infield. In 2005, his power numbers dropped below 20 for the first time in his career when he played a full season. He was dropped to seventh in the order often by manager Willie Randolph and Piazza saw the writing on the wall that the Mets were ready to move on. Piazza returned to Shea Stadium in 2006 as a member of the San Diego Padres. He received a standing ovation by the Mets crowd and took Pedro Martinez deep for two homeruns. For most of the season, Piazza hit .300, but would finish at .283, proving he could still catch and lead a team back to the playoffs. In 2008, he’d retire after a year with the Oakland A’s. The retirement process also involves the verification of the websites for Sports. For this purpose, the websites like will have an important role.

Perhaps the path Jeter will walk is one the he’s already seen from his former teammate Bernie Williams. Williams was slowly making his name in the baseball world until the 1996 AL Divisional Series. After losing Game 1 to Texas, Williams hit 3 Hrs and hit a walk off homerun to beat the Orioles in the ALCS. Williams’ career numbers from 1996-2002, he averaged 143 games, .323 batting average, 25 Hrs and 103 RBI’s. He was always in the heart of the lineup and was known for his great clutch hitting. However, in 2003 Williams’ batting average dropped to .263, which would be his highest average as an everyday starter for the rest of his career. Over the next three years, he averaged 136 games, .253 batting, 16 Hrs and 66 RBIs. It was becoming obvious Williams’ days as the Yankee center fielder were numbers. In 2006, the Yankees signed Johnny Damon to play center field and Williams saw spot duty in the corner outfield positions and designated hitter, but never again as a center fielder. In 2007, Williams wanted a guaranteed roster spot, but the Yankees offered him only a chance to make the team and he declined the non-roster invite. Williams’ next appearance in Yankee Stadium was on September 21, 2008 when he helped close the stadium and received a standing ovation. Today, Williams holds the post season record for RBI’s (80) and extra base hits (51). He held the record for post season homeruns until Manny Ramirez passed him.

What the future holds for Jeter is uncertain. Jeter has handled his career with class as he showed when breaking the Yankees’ hit record and will become the first Yankee to have 3,000 hits solely in their uniform. The fans reactions will become interesting when the skills decline more, but there is no place to currently move him to another position. Regardless of the way it will end, it will end. No matter if he hangs on too long, gracefully steps aside or leaves to play elsewhere for a year or two, Jeter’s place is already written and the exit will not tarnish the days he wore the uniform.

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The Best Final Fantasy Soundtracks

Final Fantasy is known for its beautiful piano playing music and intense battle theme songs. These games are also known to have some cleverly orchestrated songs that show time and energy goes into each and every bit of the song sheet. What are the best soundtracks in the series? This list will mention the best soundtracks to the popular role playing series, songs you may even listen to on your own music player.

Final Fantasy VI Original Sound Collection

Sure the songs are 8 bit but the classic music from the fourth installment of the series brings a bunch of nostalgia to a veteran fan. The battle track in particular is one of the most memorable sound bytes, as well as the boss fight tune which is actually a powerful piece coming from such a small sound system. The piano collection is a separate CD filled with the songs ballads using an actual piano, giving it a much more realistic vibe that any fan would enjoy to hear on end.

Final Fantasy VIII Original Soundtrack

This game was one of the most controversial because of its new battle system and change of pace in story to the previous games that took place on Judi Slot Online Terpercaya which showed the popularity of the game but it doesn’t grabbed that much of attention the final fantasy VIII has. The music although some may think lacking, was a big sound production that comes out vivid and clear on any music system. The witch themed track, Liberi Fatali has left game music critics in awe with its Latin evil inducing sound. Other memorable songs include The Succession of the Witches, Tears of the Moon, Maybe I’m a Lion, and the ending theme which sounds much like a tune to the end of an adventure movie. This soundtrack is wonderful for any Final Fantasy fan.

Final Fantasy X Original Soundtrack/ Final Fantasy X Vocal Collection

Being a beautiful and engaging game, Final Fantasy X’s soundtrack is full of unforgettable piano pieces such as Zanerkand, Via Purifico, and A Fleeting Dream. Action inspiring tunes are abound as well and give the game an adventure flavor that many Final Fantasy fans missed out on from the last installment. The vocal collection is an interesting piece as well, having the a few of the Japanese voice actresses sing songs such as Neji and Feel.

Final Fantasy XII Original Soundtrack

The composer of Final Fantasy XII, Hitoshi Sakimoto wanted the game to have an epic almost medieval vibe with the music and he pulled it off nicely. Every piece is orchestrated and full of booms and clashes leaving fans interested. The music is very fitting for the theme of the game, having to do with kingdoms and the politics behind them. These songs are definitely for people who enjoy a bit of magic and luster to their video games.

Final Fantasy has been one of the leading video games when it comes to enchanting and unforgettable music. These soundtracks are some of the best the series has to offer when it comes to telling a tale through sounds.