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Is Doing The Registration On The Online Casinos An Easy Task?

Online casinos and the gaming industry are like two sides of a coin. They’re joined at the hip in a symbiotic relationship, with online casinos being the source of income for many land-based casinos. 

The truth is that there’s no real difference between the two – they’re both just different ways to enjoy gambling. With the advent of the internet, gamblers have been able to access their favorite games from anywhere. It doesn’t matter if you live on the other side of the world or simply prefer playing your games from your couch. You can log onto an online casino and play your favorite games with the convenience of remote control. 

The registration processes of online casinos’ platform like bandar bola are quite simple. The players just have to enter the basic detail like name, address and the phone number and they can start with playing the game. The selection of the mode of payment is also completely the choice of the players.

For some players, this has opened up a new avenue to take part in the fun and excitement that comes with having fun while playing a game of chance. For others, it’s just another way of enjoying themselves without leaving their homes. 

To be honest, most people don’t think about how much of an impact the gaming industry has on the rest of the world when they go into a casino. They know that there will always be a need for a place where they can gamble because the thrill of winning money is addictive. 

But they may not realize that the gaming industry is such a large one that its influence extends far beyond the confines of any casino. Let’s have a look at how the two are intertwined. 

The History Of Online Casinos 

It wasn’t always easy to get into an online casino. When the first ones began popping up in the early 2000s, it was difficult to find out what all the fuss was about. There were only a few places where you could actually sign up for an account and try your luck at online roulette. This meant that even though there were hundreds of thousands of people around the world who wanted to try their hand at the game, most of them had no way of accessing those sites. 

This changed over time as more and more people started getting interested in online gambling. As more and more websites popped up to offer the same services, the demand for these sites grew quickly. Today, there are countless websites offering the latest slot machines and table games for you to choose from. 

As this happened, it became increasingly easier for people to access these sites, which means that now there are hundreds of thousands of people trying their luck each day. That’s why online casinos are so popular today. Players are able to access their favorite games from the comfort of their own homes, giving them the ability to win big every time. 

The Gaming Industry Is A Huge One 

If you want to understand the importance of the gaming industry in our everyday lives, then you should know exactly how much money is spent by gamblers worldwide. According to The Guardian, the UK alone spends £2.5 billion ($3.3 billion) per year on gambling. 

That’s a lot of cash! But it’s nothing compared to the amount of money that is spent on the world’s sports leagues. In fact, according to Forbes, the total revenue generated by professional football is estimated to be $9.7 billion annually. 

Football is the biggest sport in the world and attracts millions upon millions of people worldwide. So it makes sense that the majority of them spend their hard-earned cash on betting on the outcome of games. 

Even though there are plenty of other sports events taking place around the globe, such as cricket in South Africa, rugby in New Zealand, and tennis in Australia, it’s still the case that most of the world’s population spends their leisure time watching soccer. 

So, although the gaming industry isn’t quite as massive as the sports industry, it does have a significant impact on the rest of the world. The fact that millions of people around the world spend hours on end glued to the television screen to watch their team win matches is proof enough of that. 

How Online Casino Affects The Games We Play At Land-Based Casinos 

There’s no denying that the gaming industry is huge. However, online casinos also play an important role in the gaming industry. Without them, it wouldn’t be possible for players to enjoy all the benefits that come with playing games of chance. 

When you visit an online casino, you’ll notice that there are lots of familiar faces. These are the employees who work behind the scenes to ensure that everything runs smoothly. They’ve probably worked there for years and have become experts at their job. 

They’re responsible for making sure that the site is secure, that the games are fair, and that the payouts are accurate. Although they won’t physically be present at the casino, they make sure that you can take advantage of all the great benefits that come with these virtual establishments. 

You might wonder whether online casinos have anything to do with the gaming industry. Well, the answer is yes and no. On one hand, they aren’t directly involved in creating the games themselves. Instead, they help develop software that allows developers to create the games that players enjoy. 

On the other hand, they provide the infrastructure that allows the games to run smoothly. If this weren’t the case, then the developers would need to invest a large amount of time and effort into finding a solution. 

With the development of online casinos, it became far easier for gamers to enjoy their favorite games. Before, the only option available to them was to visit a physical establishment, but nowadays they can log onto an online casino and start playing within minutes. 

In short, the gaming industry is hugely reliant on online casinos. Not only are they used by players to relax after long days at work, but they also provide a reliable platform for developers to test their products before release. Without them, the industry would suffer. 

Online casinos have made it possible for us to enjoy the best games we’ve ever played. They let us connect with millions of people across the globe and allow us to compete against them for big prizes. The gaming industry would be unrecognizable without them. 

What Do You Think? 

We’d love to hear your thoughts on this subject. Did you know that the gaming industry relies heavily on online casinos? What do you think of their involvement in the industry? Do you prefer playing at an online casino or a land-based casino? Tell us what you think below! 

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Poker Reference Inceptions And Variations Of Online Poker

The poker game is one of a handful of favorite gambling past times all over the world. The first known penned mention to a rendering of our subject was printed in the 1800s in New Orleans, Louisiana. Poker had been spieled, to begin with, with a scant 20 cards rather than the whole deck called for nowadays. Pop with professional gamblers and card-sharps, poker had been commonly applied to soak ignorant day trippers who dedicatedly would not play monte.

Poker-type games finally evolved to the present full deck sorts. Currently, you will stumble over are available so many variants of our subject which are certain to be wagered among students and in betting rooms and serious competition across the globe. Certain humans get together with acquaintances for weekly texas hold em types, and large numbers of americans play texas hold ‘em poker programmed games and multimedia poker gambling programs.

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Today, thanks primarily to the net, revelling in this game for money can be taken up any-where. Web gaming establishments provide a mixed bag of poker versions. Players are able to play video poker, where generally you sample that game without challengers, and you are granted pre-determined pay outs for receiving defined hands, but you are capable of also enjoy traditional network poker-type games around computerized draw poker boards, against live contenders playing from some other remote locations.

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The chief two varieties of it are supposed to be conducted using 5-7 cards. If you’re playing draw poker you and your buddies may take the option to toss out a selection of the cards once you look at your hand, trying to get better regulation cards to supplant the first group. Stud poker requires live players to continue with whatever regulation cards they are dealt, Plus frequently leads to more craftiness and manipulation, since a player experience no option to meliorate whatever hand you’re dealt.

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A present day hot card game game is texas holdem. In this kind of poker game, opponents only have two playing cards of his own, and a group of 5 shared poker cards are laid out openly on the poker table. Opponents apply a combo of the two cards in their hand and, furthermore, the five group playing cards to make-up their five card hand, revealed at the end of the game. Holdem competitions are guaranteed to be a popular feature in clubs and betting establishments nowadays, moreover almost every online establishment advertizes texas hold em games as well as the further traditional types of that card game.

For those of you who like casino games, Kayabola also presents popular live casino providers in a real and fair manner, so it’s no wonder it is also a trusted online casino gambling agent. The types of games presented are none other than casinos in general, namely: Online Baccarat, Online Roulette, Sicbo Dice, Blackjack, Bola online and many other games. All games are guaranteed real time / real live as well as a well-known casino provider with an official license that has been recognized in the gambling world.

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Hockey Betting – Factors to Consider While Betting on Hockey

Hockey Betting – Factors to Consider While Betting on Hockey Hockey bettors can appreciate the lower betting limits on NHL games than they would normally incur on NFL or NBA games. The lower betting limits is virtually an admission by sportsbooks of the fact that they are not as inclined to accept bets on the NHL as they would be for other major sports. Obviously, this can work to your favor if you educate yourself about the game, trends, and tendencies of individual teams.

Often the safest way to bet hockey is to go with slight favorites or slight underdogs. If you decide to bet the slight underdogs, all you have to do is break even in the win/loss column to make a profit. So, if you played two teams at +120, and bet $100 on each team you could win one game and lose one game and still make a $20 profit. Some essentials factors are considered at Judi Bola Online site for the playing of different poker card games. The wagering of the amount is done with intelligence and calculations to get the desired results. The spending of the amount should be from the budget prepared through the people for the betting. 

 Factors to Consider

Just as the starting pitcher is the most vital player to consider in a baseball wager, the starting goaltender is nearly as important in a hockey game. If you notice that a particular team’s back-up goalie is getting the start then that could be either an advantage or a red flag depending on your betting preference. More times than not a back-up netminder equates to at least one more goal allowed than normal for that team.

Another factor to consider is teams’ schedules leading up to that day’s game. For example, teams playing consecutive games/days on the road. If this is the case you will probably want to bet the home team. Of course, you would still want to consider other factors, but if the visitor is playing its second consecutive road game in as many days it is definitely something that favors the home team the majority of the time.

It is also important to know the style of play of each team. If two finesse teams are playing against each other then the score is probably going to be higher than normal. Conversely, if two defensive, physical teams are going head-to-head, then the score is likely to be low. When finesse teams meet physical teams it is usually a safe bet to go with the defensive team. A good defense almost always beats a good offense in any sport.

Hockey is considered a niche sport and ranks well behind Major League Baseball, the NFL and the NBA in terms of popularity and an overall understanding. Consequently, oddsmakers do not spend the same amount of time creating NHL odds as they do for the NFL or NBA. This can lead to nice profits if you know what to look for when betting these games.

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How A Player Can Play The Slot Game With Complete Efficiency?

So you’ve gone online to play a slot machine and you’re not sure what your strategy is. Should you be using a strategy like “auto-play” or should you manually control when you want your next spin? I’m going to tell you about two methods of playing slots that are very different, but can both work well for you.

Playing Online Slots with Strategy

The first method I’ll talk about is strategy. This is where you control every single spin of a game yourself. You decide how much money to bet at each spin, whether to use an auto-spinner or to hold on to your winnings until you have enough to quit playing, and more.

The advantage of this method is that it gives you complete control over your strategy. If you don’t feel like waiting for the reels to stop spinning, you can just hit “next” and keep spinning them until they all come up 7s. But if you want to sit down and watch a movie while you wait, you can do that too! And if you find that you’re losing consistently because you aren’t paying attention, you can pause the games and take a break from playing. You get as much control over your experience as you desire.

If you’re new to casino gaming, you may not realize that many casinos offer free trials so you can try out their games before you actually spend any real money. These usually require registration, but you can often sign up with an existing account without having to create another one. For instance, if you have a poker bonus card from a previous casino visit, you might be able to redeem it again for a free trial of some slots.

However, there is one downside to using strategy in this way – you can only play one game at a time. So if you want to do something else, you have to stop the current game and start a new one. It would be nice to be able to do multiple things at once, such as watching TV, listening to music, and playing a slot game at the same time.

But, if you really like being in control of everything, then strategy is definitely worth trying. And even though you won’t be able to multi-task, there are plenty of other ways to enjoy slot games online.

Playing Online Slot Games Automatically

You might also consider playing online slots automatically. The idea here is that you let the software choose when to show you a new spin, and you don’t need to worry about when the reels will stop.

This type of strategy works great for people who are short on time. They don’t necessarily care when they see a winning combination, and they only want to spend as much time as necessary getting through the game. Because these games are designed to be played by computer, they can often generate random combinations quickly, which means you can expect to see a good number of wins fairly early into a session.

But there is also a huge disadvantage to playing this way. When you’re playing online slots automatically, you lose the ability to influence what happens in the game. That’s right, you don’t get to make any decisions. You can’t decide when to double down or when to walk away, and you certainly can’t adjust the amount you bet. So if you’re expecting to win, you can’t really know exactly how long it will take to happen.

If you have a winning streak going, you could easily end up spending hours playing a single game. By the time your streak ends, you might be tired of the game and would rather go relax in the casino instead. Or maybe you had a bad day at work and you’d like to put your head down for awhile. Then you have to start playing all over again.

Playing online slot game will give the person with the good amount of the retunes. In the long run they will get eth various benefits that will give a good chance of the winning. The person can play to do the okbet online casino login and play the game in the best option.

There is no easy solution to this problem. To be honest, it can be a bit frustrating, especially if you’re playing a game that has become a regular part of your daily routine.

I think the best option is somewhere in the middle. You can use an auto-spinner, but also limit the amount of time you spend playing. For example, you can set a timer to 30 minutes, and when the clock hits zero, you can either shut off the gaming system completely or start a new game.

When you’re feeling adventurous, you can always play a few spins with manual controls in case you miss a big win. But if you’re feeling frustrated or burned out, you don’t have to risk missing a chance to cash in on a big win. With some thought, you can still enjoy playing slots online without sacrificing your mental health.

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Choose The Best Casino To Play Roulette – How to choose 

Casino and gambling games have always been an addiction for thrill lovers. Among all the games in the casino world, roulette is probably the most popular and exciting game. Though this game has been being played for over centuries, the introduction of online casinos has made it available for all. Playing roulette is full of fun but still, there is something related to real money and that is why people are crazy about it. There are some winning strategies that the experienced players have developed over time to win some extra from roulette along with fun.

In order to select the right online slot machine, there is a need to adopt some things. The players should keep the things in mind for the availability of the best rewards at situs judi slot machines. It is important to understand it for the playing of the best slot games at reliable sites. 

From the very beginning the primary motivation of playing roulette is to have fun and then comes the issue of money. Addiction of casino games is something that makes a person to play such games again and again. Some over excited people invest huge money in roulette thinking of getting back the reward through winning. But, one should remember that roulette is never an option to invest. Yes, you can invest here but that will be the amount one can afford.

When thinking of investing some real money and playing roulette one should make sure that he has chosen the right online casino site. There are thousands of online gambling sites that offer exciting roulette bonuses and other offers. But, real money is involved here and hence one has to be a bit cautious regarding choosing the best online roulette bonus at You can go for other sites also but make sure they hold the reputation of being loyal and trustworthy. One should also check and recheck the security options and methods of the site as financial information will be shared with that site. One should also be careful about the terms and conditions of the site as it may make differences in some cases.

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Choosing A Casino Affiliate Program To Promote

So here you are at the point where you have decided to proceed and enter one of the World’s most exciting industries…Gambling Affiliate Marketing. You have researched many casino affiliate program options and still cannot decide which one to go with. Finding the right one for you could depend on many factors.

Officially Approved Casinos with ECOGRA:

The primary objective of Ecogra is to provide player protection, ensuring the player that the games are fair, will be paid on time and treated fairly and that the operators will behave responsibly. Players will be assured of this when they transact with online gaming sites displaying the Ecogra Seal of Approval.


If you are familiar with a certain marketing method (opt-in e-mail) for example, then you may want to find out what options you have to initiate this into your marketing plan. If you intend to promote through simple banners on your web site then you will need to ensure that the banners provided in the affiliate program are professional and eye catching? Do they have a good selection, including monthly promotional banners? Maybe you intend to promote the gaming software directly from a casino portal web site with a smart-download link or to distribute the software via CD’s. You will need to ensure these options are available to you.

Personal Choice:

Maybe you are, or have been a player at an online casino and enjoyed the experience so much you wish to promote them as an affiliate.


Does a brand name mean everything to you? Would you promote an online casino that pays 45% commission or the Worlds No1 Casino that pays 25%?


Do you like the look and feel of the online casino you would like to promote? Does it look professional, do the pages and software download quickly, do they provide clear bonus incentives for players, offer multi-lingual options and links to live support, fair play history, monthly promotions, game preview pages, etc? If you find appearance to be the most important factor in choose a platform then perhaps checking out Interwin88 to learn about all the latest trends is a great way to start your affiliate venture.


What type of bonus incentives could your casino offer new players? This is the hook for the gambler and these incentives must be right up there with the competition for you to be successful. These bonuses normally come in a percentage deposit such as matching bonus deposits. Others may be a tiered dollar bonus.

Incentives for regular players are also very important. In most affiliate programs your players are yours for life so you need the casino to look after the player. In most cases the casino will e-mail your player weekly or monthly with the new bonuses offered for players who are already registered to encourage them to play again.

Geographic Location:

Maybe you have interest in promoting to geographic regions of the World. If this is the case then you need to ensure that the casino brand accepts players from that country. Not all brands are the same. Just like the USA market. Some brands are US friendly and some are not. Check this out before you join.


Your players will be tracked more often than not through cookies that identify your link and recognize the player as the one you referred. If the player downloads the software and does not play until a later date then will you still receive commissions when he does decide to play? If you check the terms and conditions of the affiliate programs some will inform you of the life of the cookie that track your players. Most casino affiliate programs seem to set this at a 30-day period though there are some affiliate programs that have stretched this to 90-days which is much better.

Commission Structure:

When you sign-up with an affiliate program you are normally given an option of the type of commissions you wish to receive. This could be a per click commission where you would be paid an amount from every player that clicks through to the casino.

Another option may be a CPA bonus commission. When the player registers and deposits $100 you receive a $50.00 commission but you do not get any more commission from that player.

The most attractive option and one that most casino affiliates take advantage of is the net gameplay commission. This option normally ranges from 25 – 50.00% of the net gameplay. The net gameplay is the profits received from the player. Here’s an example based on a commission of 45%.

If a player gambles $100.00 and loses you would receive $45.00. This type of commission can really mount up especially when you have regular players and new players coming along on a regular basis. Even if your player wins big the odds are he will give it all back to the casino in time. Winning gives a false sense of security, and due to the nature of gambling, the player may gamble more to win more.

These are important decisions to take into consideration when choosing the right casino affiliate program for you and the correct commission structure. Your success could depend on this choice so it is worth spending a little time doing some research into this to avoid any problems and unnecessary expenses further down the line.

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Things To Remember In Video Poker

Things to Remember in Video Poker Video poker is a very exciting game especially for the shy, the loner and the busy. It can be played online or it can be played in a casino. But visiting a 인터넷카지노사이트 is a better option for gaining knowledge. Same as online poker and live poker games, there is a pot to be won in video poker. Video poker also adheres to the ranking of card combinations and the order of card characters. In fact, the basic rules of playing poker are retained.

However, there are variations to video poker that makes it a different game altogether. You don’t play with other people, virtual or not.Video poker is a game played with a machine that looks like a slot machine which is found in casinos and other establishments. It can also be played online through a virtual slot machine look alike at any of the numerous online casinos. Video poker is a veritable battle against a machine. Just like a slot machine, there is one single player who pulls the lever or presses the Start or Deal button after he has made his wager with the acceptable coin denomination and amount. The player is then given five cards for his initial card combination. The player will then decide if he wants to keep his initial hand or if he would like one or more cards replaced by the machine.

If he decides to do the latter, he will get a replacement for each card he chooses to discard. When the player is content with his card combination, he will press Draw and his hand becomes final. The machine will then check the card combination against its pay schedule, just like the ones that slot machines have. There are levels to this pay schedule containing a list of winning card combinations and the corresponding payout for each combination. If the player’s hand is one of the winning combinations in the pay schedule, the player receives his card combination’s matching payout. With video poker, therefore, you don’t have to match your wits against another player. You don’t have anyone to trick or bluff. It’s a straightforward card game with acknowledged winning combinations and payouts. You don’t let luck take over as you do in slots gaming.In slots gaming, you pull the lever or press Spin and the reels will spin.

You take what you get and you win when your icons form a winning line-up. In video poker though, you have to have the basic poker playing skills. You will have to have strategy when deciding which card to discard and replace. You will discard or retain cards based on the odds of getting a better card combination than what you already have or the odds of getting a lesser card combination. Aside from thinking which cards to keep and discard, you will also have to think about which video poker machines to play and how much you will bet. A good video poker player will choose full pay machines with better returns and he will always play maximum bets.


As we all know gambling can be now done online too, and it is better option to opt for online mode in the situation of global pandemic. Going outside should be avoided, so if online mode is as fun as offline one then people will go for online mode even on normal days because its more comfortable.

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Becoming A Poker Prop Player

How I made over $5000 a month, as a breakeven poker player

Almost sounds too good to be true right? Well it is and it isn’t.

Several years ago I worked as an online poker prop player (something which I was never allowed to reveal at the point of being employed). I used to get paid to play poker, by the poker rooms.

However, before you think this sounds too good to be true, there were a few drawbacks to this would be playboy life.

The first issue was that I, well, wasn’t that great at poker, and only just managed to break even at first, which caused constant bankroll swings. The second issue was the fact that I loved to play above my roll (such a newbie) because I’d ‘get paid’ at the end of the week, so shot taking was ok, surely?

The next very real issue was the fact that I had rules to follow — lots of rules — and my oasis of freedom quickly became a regular job, only now I didn’t have any work friends, just the same avatars that I’d see day in, day out.

Although before I turn you off the idea, the smile was always bought back to my face when I finished playing (up or down for the day) and I’d step out of my bungalow in Koh Samui (Thailand) and out into the sun shine.

For all of the downsides to being an online poker prop player on daftar situs judi slot online terpercaya and other sites, there was a real upside. I got paid thousands a month, and because I was living in Thailand, $5000 a month meant that I could indeed live like a king.

Before you go thinking this was ‘easy money’ though, let me tell you that I busted my ass for between 85 -125% in prop rakeback. I had to play really short handed, often played multiple heads up games, played over four separate sites as traffic was so low (hence why they hired props in the first place) and although I used to grind 8 tables most days, sometimes it could take several hours of straight play just to fill them all up, so then you feel compelled to stay, even though you’re tired from sitting for four hours straight already, I’d often sit there for another four.

How To Get A Job As A Poker Prop Player

What is a Poker Prop Player?

If you want to know more about how I managed this feat as a less than mediocre poker player (at the time, I’m pleased to say that I’m much better now), then keep reading and I will share all.A poker prop player is someone who gets paid by the casino to play poker and get games going. They serve to either start new games for ‘the customers’ to play at or keep the action going in games that look like they are about to break up.

Why do poker rooms need prop players or poker props?

Online, you’ll generally find that its the newer, less established poker rooms that get poker props in and the main reason is because no one will join a poker site where there are no players playing.

It’s a bit of a catch 22 if you think about it. Casino A has flash software, great bonuses and all the tricks. they open their doors for the punters to come flooding in and find that no one is choosing their site over the much more established poker sites out there.

So they offer nice sums of money, normally in the way of huge rakeback (between 75% – 125% rakeback), to people that are willing to get things going and are happy to play many tables and short handed.

What are the up sides to being an online poker prop?

The main benefit to being a prop player is that even if you’re a breakeven player, you can still make thousands of dollars, every month even at very low stakes games.

If you’ve been learning the game and are really wanting to build a solid bankroll then becoming an online prop can be a sure fire way to go. A lot of the poker rooms that hire props, generally pay you every week, some even pay you daily.

What are the downsides to being a poker prop player?

There are two catches – sites that hire props are almost always newer or smaller rooms with minimal traffic. Your job is to start and save games, which often involves playing shorthanded. If you feel comfortable playing in those conditions, being an online prop is a great way to add a few bets to your expectation.

Where do I go to get a job as a poker prop?

If you’d rather play at larger rooms, you’ll probably be interested in our rakeback offers – lower percentages but no restrictions and greater game selection.The best site online to become a poker prop player has to be these guys at Rake Back Nation . The guy that runs the site is called Rob and has to be one of the nicest bosses you’re ever likely to find. He runs a forum specifically for the props in his team and if there is ever a problem, he’s the first person on the case.

They don’t advertise the names of sites that they have prop deals for as the poker rooms don’t want this info to be public knowledge. Instead Rob will inform you of who’s hiring, after you sign up and request a place.

How much can you really earn as a poker prop player?

This is a question that gets asked all the time and the truth is, it depends on the style you play (TAG or LAG), which games you play (full ring or 6 max), how many tables you play, the list goes on.

But because the guys at rakeback nation have been asked so many times, they have created a fantastic, projected earnings calculator for their prop sites.

Simply select the stakes, game type and amount of table that you expect to play and the calculator will give you what you should roughly expect to earn as an online poker prop.


Do you like this article?

If you’re a serious player that really wants to take a serious shot at playing poker for a living or having a solid, second income then you should think about becoming a poker prop player today.

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Among The Top Casino Games

Without any doubts, slots is currently the most popular game in the world of both, online as well as physical casinos. Regardless of whether it is free slots, penny slots or the high roller slot games on dominoqq pkv, slot machines have managed to attract maximum traffic when it comes to casino gaming. Slot machines have, in fact, certainly surpassed the traditional and long-running table games like poker, blackjack and craps to become the most popular casino game in the world. Since it is very difficult to hit the jackpot prize, with all the similar computerised reels in one line, the casinos stack up huge jackpot prizes on these machines. This eliminates any possibility of cheating, makes the game all the more thrilling and exciting, and sees the player walk away like a king, if favoured by luck.

All your favorite online slots games available here!

Seeing the rapid growth in the popularity of slots, not only the famous casino giants, but also websites like Zynga are altering their gambling policies to give more importance to slots and attract more number of players. The online as well as traditional brick-and-mortar casinos offer a wide variety of best slot machine games for the players to choose from. The enthusiasts usually tend to check out for in-depth online slot reviews. The best thing about these games is that it doesn’t require one to have certain specific gambling skills. It all boils down to the aspect of luck, as far as walking home penniless or driving away in a limousine is concerned.

Online slots and the physical slot machines provide the highest house edge for high-end and smaller casinos, continuing to be the hot favourite among casino gambling fanatics. There is much more to casino slots than the cheerful atmosphere, vibrant reels and the beguiling sound of pennies hitting the machine tray, which make the game widely popular among enthusiasts from every corner of the world.

Money in the Bank

The huge amount of cash reward involved is one of the primary reasons why slot games are among the top games in the world of casino. Apart from the entertainment, variety and the large community, money is one of the greatest reasons why casino slots rule the world of gaming. If cash rewards of the past few or more years are to be considered, slot games would be the clear winners, with poker or blackjack, or any other table game not being in the picture. Not only jackpots, but the online slots bonus is also the reason behind the millions of dollars given away as prize money. The lucky gamblers and gamers wagering a small amount of their hard-earned money on slot machines and walking home with a huge pay cheque in their hand is a common picture that every enthusiast dreams of; thus, contributing towards the overall popularity of slots.

Easy and Addictive Entertainment

The mounting popularity of slots is not only driven by monetary benefits, but also by the easy and addictive fun it provides to the casino buffs. The players need not learn any rules or master any skills in order to be part of the gameplay. In fact, the game is more about luck or fortune, rather than strategies or tactics. Moreover, there is something totally dope with the fun, excitement, thrill and entertainment associated with the spinning reels and the sound of the coins hitting the tray. The anticipation with regards to the reels and the symbols can make a person crave for some more spins. For a game like slots, the excitement and the adrenaline-pumping feeling is enough to make it extremely popular all around the globe.

Wide Selection

Diversity is the third factor that makes slots one of the best and the most sought after games in the world of casino. Both online and offline casinos offer a wide variety of options to avid gamblers. Players can easily make a switch from one machine to the other, and add new experiences to their day-to-day gaming and that too, without any feeling of boredom. Whether it is progressive slots or 3D slots, or any other distinct form of gaming, players have innumerable options to explore and try out a new option every time they hit the casino.

Poker is one of the games that is played extensively on an online gambling site. They offer more benefits as they do not have to maintain a place like in a casino where they have to spend a lot of money for the smooth functioning of the place as well as for the maintenance of a place as huge as a casino.

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Online Gaming vs. Online Gambling

If you have read another article of mine concerning online video games, you already know that I am a home video game turned online junkie. While doing some research on that first article, it occurred to me that you could actually make some money playing games, at least in theory. Unfortunately, there are very few online gaming sites that are not only free to play but make it possible to win actual coinage if you don’t want to spend “real” money.

Some of these sites require a download. Many of them ask you to refer others to them or link to your home page. All of them are businesses and therefore exist to make money, so it is up to you to do a bit of homework before you invest your time and/or cash.

Once you get to know about where to draw the line between online gaming and gambling is when you start flourishing in both fields as they are virtually different sides of the same coin but with a different treatment like how Poker Online Indonesia is different from blackjack.

One of my favorite sites is Based in Denmark, there is something kind of distinctive about winning �100 as opposed to a new Ipod.

When you play a game, you accumulate tokens/points, turn them into tickets (1000 tokens = 1 ticket) and enter them into a weekly drawing for 10, 20 or �100. There are 9 winners each week and you even have the option of automatically turning your tokens into entries 2 hours before the drawing.

There are 8 multiplayer games, 10 card games, 8 puzzle games, click and win (click on a site, instant tokens even if you do not sign up for membership on that site) and scratch and win. Although you need tokens to play some of the games, not to worry; I have never come out at a loss.

The chatters here are quite friendly on this online game site and there is even an ego-boosting competition for daily high scores. In some of the games you can receive bonus spins for up to 1000 additional points or several thousand from the bank (greedy, greedy, greedy).

If you are into solitaire, the Egyptian Pyramid game is rather addictive, as is Spider Solitaire. These two card games seem to amass the most bonus points quickly without having to use your own tokens for wagering.

So how do you win, you ask? Mostly luck, no matter how many tickets you purchase towards that week’s lottery. I chatted with one player who had won the �100 and he said he had been on Playandwin for just a couple of months and had only spent 300 tickets (3000 tokens/points). I also chatted with a woman who had been playing there for 3 years and had never won. was one of the first online game sites I found. Free to play, you win points by claiming any of nine patterns on 20 cards that are pre-selected for you. You must check them every day, for the patterns get eliminated after a certain time limit. There are 4 different games starting on different days of the week

Since 1997 this site has been awarding monthly prizes to the top five point earners. They recently changed their policy to make it a yearly tournament. Why is this better? This online game site boasts over 2500 members. That’s a lot of competition, but you can stockpile your points instead of starting from scratch each month. The top 100 players receive a mouse pad, t-shirt, and/or “bingo-bucks (aka BBz)”, credits that you can use on their play-for-real-$ sister site Bingodrome.

Another choice is to use those points to partake in an “auction” for prizes such as microwave ovens or more BBzs’. There are also monthly giveaways, for the “most improved” score each month. These awards range from $50 Bingo site accounts to digital cameras to boxes of chocolates.

Finally, you can earn even more points on FreeBingo by actually depositing monies in Bingodrome (that’s a variety of 2-fer). But as I have mentioned before, this is a business and it is easy to get carried away by some of the “match bonus” deposit programs. is another online gaming site where you can play more than bingo. There are five featured games, including Texas Hold’em, which you play with others, a Mahjong Solitaire that I have yet to defeat, and Pyramid Panic, my old standby solitaire.

There are 9 bingo rooms. You are allowed to play simultaneously in as many of them as you like since you have the option of auto-daub (they cover your cards for you). Three of these contain up to 30 card selections. That’s a lot of daubing!

There are also 2 keno rooms, slots, and video poker, however you must invest tokens to earn points to buy ballots for prize drawings. Confused? Hold on, this gets more complicated.

As is usually the case, 1000 points = 1 ticket. When I first started playing here I earned enough to purchase about 300 tickets which I then entered into a drawing for a $10.00 Best Buy Gift Card (I passed on the Wal-mart card). My thinking was that there were a total of 1500 tickets, so I would have a pretty good shot. Wrong. That is actually how many tickets were bought by BingoBugle members at that time. I recently checked back to confirm my dwindling chances. The total is now upwards of 10,000. I call this a slim-to-none chance.

Lastly, I must tell you about the trailer trash (no personal offense intended here) of online gaming sites, What promises to be a fairly outright system of straight coinage if you win is in fact a somewhat tedious exercise in futility.

First off, you must download their program to play, so if your computer is short on memory, do a Dionne Warwick and walk on by.

There are 4 rooms to choose from: Mega (the largest and therefore the most profitable) the Ritz (full card only, yaaawwwn), the Gala Room (straight bingo) and the Glamour Room (varying patterns). Each of their backgrounds look as though the Easter bunny ate too much. There is some dreadful music (only 2 songs “Red, Red Wine” and something that sounds like a variation of “Take My Breath Away”) which overpowers a rather dull male caller. I suggest mute.

Each member is able to select 5 cards only, that helps odds-wise, and the purse is determined by how many members are participating in each game (although the minimum prize is $10.00). This award is actually in cash, but it takes $3000 to be awarded $10 to play at a gambling site, 7000 to get $10.00 cash and 10,000 to get $20.00. If you play in a small room, you will win a couple of times an hour with luck. Let’s see, that’s $10.00 X 2 = $20.00/hr. I will let you do the math to figure how long it takes to get $10,000.

There are also pop-ups of affiliated gambling sites, unless you keep one of those sites open. I must admit I sometimes unwind on BingoBlowout during insomniatic nights and chat with some of the other members because it also has auto-daub.

This is a good place to mention that any gaming site, just like any chat room, includes proper etiquette and language. Writing in capital letters is considered shouting, mentioning other sites is frowned upon, and learn to use these shortcuts:

lol= laugh out loud

wtg = way to go

gg = good game

glng = good luck next game

tu4s = thank you for sharing (bingo with another person)

There you have it. There are literally thousands of such gaming sites on the net and while they are pleasant diversions, they will undoubtedly never make you rich. Stay tuned; my quest for the perfect site will continue. Let me know if you find it first.